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Weed control cloth can prevent weeds from standing on the ground and direct sunlight from reaching the ground.

The function of weeding cloth:
1. Weed control cloth can prevent weeds from standing on the ground and direct sunlight from reaching the ground. At the same time, it uses its sturdy structure to prevent weeds from passing through the weed control cloth, ensuring that the weed control cloth has an inhibitory effect on weed growth.
Secondly, infiltration of rainwater promotes the absorption of water by fruit trees. Weeding cloth has good permeability. The stone layer and medium sand layer under the weeding cloth can effectively inhibit the infiltration of soil particles, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the ground and protecting the soil's moisture retention.
3. Promote the growth of fruit tree roots and prevent root weeds from rotting. The production principle is the weft structure. This structure can ensure that the roots of crops are breathable and permeable, allowing the air in the roots to have a certain fluidity, thereby preventing the roots of fruit trees from rotting.
4. Weeding cloth to prevent the breeding of diseases and pests is made of polypropylene or polyethylene flat wire. The material itself has corrosion resistance and insect bite resistance. The product should be placed near the ground to prevent the proliferation of harmful organisms. Reduced the occurrence of pests and diseases in the orchard.
5. Reduce the cost of weeding. The normal service life of ordinary material weeding orchards is 2-3 years. The investment per acre of land for three years is approximately 240 yuan. No weeds are produced. The normal service life of a better material weeding cloth orchard is 3-5 years. An investment of about 320 yuan per acre can ensure that the orchard will not grow weeds for 5 years, greatly saving labor costs.
6. The weeding cloth is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, has good anti-aging performance, and the material can be degraded, so there is no need to worry about the future effect.
The laying of grass proof cloth is particularly simple. Greenhouses can be equipped with walkways to prevent weed growth. It can be fixed with ground nails or soil on both sides.
Eight pieces of anti impurity cloth can be punched individually according to customer requirements for convenient construction.


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