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U-Type Staple

On the principle that “ quality is the lives of enterprises ” . We are dedicated to supply products with good quality and competitively price backed by our friendly and efficient service. We have export our products to the following countries: Poland ,Spain,Germany,Canada, USA, Japan, Argentina, etc ,.
  • Commodity name: U-Type Staple


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    Anchor Pins
    1.Chisel Point
    2.Easy to pin down lawn
    3.High quality
    Ancor Pins

    Yard & Garden Work Is So Much Easier When You Have The Right Tools!

    Sod stakes are perfect for installing ground cover - Row Cover - Frost Protection by securing the fabric to the ground. The stakes anchor the ground cover in place, so the wind does not blow it away. The two-leg design allows for easier installation, and the 1inch bend creates a flat surface for driving the stakes into the ground.
    These are also perfect for installing any kind of pet fence or securing wire to the ground.

    Hook to fix Fleece, Tarpaulin, Anti-Weed-Textile and other at the ground

    Professional Quality & Size Means Better Results For Your Garden or Landscaping Projects
    High-quality 6" lawn/sod/garden/landscaping staples/pins/anchors/stakes/pegs made from the same durable steel professionals use.
    Now it's easy to...
    - Hold sod on hills or curves
    - Secure landscape fabric to reduce weeds or keep birds away
    - Hold down wire for pet containment systems (dog fences)
    - Pin erosion control fabrics & weed barriers
    - Secure outdoor wires or holiday decorations
    - Secure tomato cages
    - Pin down lawn or landscape edging
    - Hold down water/soaker hoses or drip irrigation
    - And much more...

    1. sqare tod sod pin
    3. hex top sod pin
    We are professional supplier of hardware. All our products are exported to overseas which are mainly exported to European market ,USA market and other countries with good quality and competitive prices. We specialize in the production of various types of rigging hardware , stainless steel products, accessories of outdoor activities and piece of metal stamping parts in various fields.

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